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Christmas Store


    If you wish to help children have toys for Christmas, you simply purchase one or more ethnically and culturally appropriate toys that are $8-$25 in value.  Please do not wrap the toys and price tags should be left on the package.  Toys can be ordered via our Christmas Store List at Amazon and shipped to the church.  If you have no time to shop, donations can be made by clicking on this link or the Christmas Tree link on the left.


    Christmas is an exciting time for many children except for poor urban kids served by Raleigh Community Church of Christ.  For urban children in the Raleigh - Frayser area as well as all over the city, Christmas can be a dreaded time that reinforces the economic barriers they face daily.  Through our ministries in the community, it has become clear that the sad reality is that the conditions they live in are not their fault.  For many of these families after basic necessities like rent and utilities are paid, very little is left to purchase toys for their children.  The Christmas Store offers a special opportunity to share our resources with others – especially children.  Through the Christmas Store, each year parents are able to provide toys for Christmas for their own children.  This provides dignity for the parents and they are not embarrassed watching as vans drive up and provide the toys for their children.


     If you would like to help, you can order toys through this Amazon link and they will be delivered to the church.   For more information, please contact Rhodis Pittman, Beverly or Jim Harbin at 901-385-9858.  You may also purchase toys at your favorite store and drop them off at the Raleigh Community Church of Christ at 4748 New Allen Road, Memphis, TN  38128.   The deadline for toys is December 13, 2019


    Because of the past generosity of individuals, churches, non profit organizations, and businesses, the Christmas Store has allowed thousands of children in some of the poorest neighborhoods of America to have toys for Christmas.


You may also purchase toys from Amazon, etc. have them shipped to the church


Thanks so much!!!


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